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Two UNTAMED visionaries came together to create something that they both knew through listening to the call that alchemy was meant to be created together... for all.

Kristen, the artist and owner of Royal Bear Designs and Taylor, founder of the UNTAMED Experience.

The outcome of the alchemy that they created is a sacred adornment that will last for generations to come. The Afthonía isn't just a necklace, it is a doorway to a portal that when activated an overflow of abundance occurs. 

The portal opens the moment you make this sacred purchase and the activation, unfolds at the UNTAMED Experience.

Throughout this 6-day return to self, you will have many moments that will be giving life to this adornment, so that when every time you place your hand over it, and thus your heart, you will open yourself up to the overflow of abundance that is yours.

Your Afthonía is a custom-made piece and exclusive to the UNTAMED Experience sisters. Meaning, it's as divinely unique as you are.

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