Custom Birthstone Jewelry

Design your own birthstone jewelry and awaken your inner alchemist


Our jewelry, crafted from raw stones, is your daily anchor for healing and transformation. Feel its power every time you wear it. Wear them to represent children, your anniversary, spouse, parents, lost loved ones, pets, special dates, stone meanings, or just a pretty collection of your favorite stones. These pieces are completely customized to tell your story!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

There are many options with custom designs; either a ring or varying necklace forms. These are made just for YOU and can represent anything you like. Most often these are a spin on the traditional Mother's Ring or Necklace.

These can represent your family, your kids, anniversaries, your pets, healing properties, celebrations, or maybe you just like the colors. ♥ Every design is infused with pure intention.

How Long Does It Take?

This is a very extensive and intricate process where each piece is hand crafted and made to order. Expect 12 weeks; I strive for less, but typically is 12 weeks to completion. If you need the item for a specific event, please feel free to contact us I will try to accommodate your requests.

Please note that shipping time is not included in the production time.

How Many Stones Can I Choose?

A LOT goes into this part of the design. For ring designs, I consider your ring size and how the stones will complement it. Whether you prefer a statement piece or more delicate styling also matters. Typically, 3-5 stones look best on rings and 2-5 look best on necklaces. You can choose a maximum of 10 stones for your ring. However, please note that as the number of stones increases, the overall size of the ring design will begin to expand proportionally.

I don't know my ring size?

This is THE most important part in this process. We suggest to visit your local jewelry store to get your finger sized accurately before you order. Our ring sizers are also pretty accurate, if you do not have access to a store.

* Reminder - Once we make the rings, we can't resize them. All custom jewelry sales are final sale, no exceptions.

* Although we do our best to make sure our sizing is as accurate as possible, due to the nature of the electroforming process, please allow ring sizes to vary a quarter size, in either direction.


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