Gemstone Information

About the Gemstones 

Royal Bear Designs mainly uses raw, natural gemstones that haven't been heat or color treated. Nor have they been altered by any cutting - truly NATURAL. Due to the nature of their natural shapes and color, a specific color or shape is not guaranteed. I do my best to match the details you provide on your customized jewelry, or in the image displayed but understand that each stone has its own unique shape and color. I puzzle-piece them together so they fit correctly. Never just slapping them on.♥

Images below of the stones also reflect the possibility of what your stones will look like, again due to the nature of them being raw from this Earth in their natural form. 


January | Spessartine Garnet & Red Garnet
February | Amethyst
March | Aquamarine 
April | Diamond Quartz (aka herkimer diamond) & Clear Quartz
May | Emerald
June | Moonstone
July | Ruby
August | Peridot & Spinel
September | Sapphire
October | Tourmaline
November | Citrine & Imperial Topaz
December | Tanzanite & Turquoise & Blue Topaz