Dendritic Agate Statement Ring


Metal Finish:Copper

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A Dendritic Agate cab stone is hand selected and set on a 2mm band for this bold and statement monochromatic ring.

These stones are each unique and different, all in a large oval shape.

  • The gemstones vary in size approx. 10-15 mm long.
  • The band is slightly textured.
  • The band width is approx. 2 mm.

 These are MADE TO ORDER and will ship in 6-10 weeks.


Calming + Self Confidence + Balance + Earth Healing

Dendritic Agate is called the Stone of Plentitude. It's believed to bring lots of good things, like abundance and success, whether in business or farming. In ancient times, people linked it to tree spirits and used to bury it in fields for better harvests.

This stone helps people feel balanced, calm, and confident. Pregnant women and new moms can find it useful too—it might help with mood swings and even encourage milk production for breastfeeding.

It's thought that Dendritic Agate can strengthen family ties. Keeping it near a photo of a family member you're not close to might help bring you closer together.

Plus, this stone is about embracing where you come from and feeling connected to nature. People believe it can even help heal the planet and bring peace to your surroundings.

Associated with the root chakra.


If your desired variation is currently sold out, one can be made for you. This is the MADE TO ORDER option.

Each product is individually handcrafted with the electroforming process. This process has a lengthy production time. When you choose Made To Order, I will create it for you with your specified details. And will be shipped to you when finished.

Allow for slight variation in size, color, and shape in the stones as each one is 100% raw and natrual. No two stones are the same.

Made To Order items, estimated production time varies between 4-8 weeks, less shipping time.

Copper items are still Made To Order and production time is approx. 2-4 weeks.

Our Process

Electroforming is the process I use to make all my designs! It’s defined as the process of growing copper onto a conductive surface through electrolysis. Basically, a thick “skin” of metal is built up onto a surface. All charms and rings are made of a solid copper core. If you choose Rose Gold, 14K Gold or Rhodium finishes, these are heavily plated at 3 microns thick to last you as long as possible.

If you ever need your item replated, that service is available for a small fee.

To read more details about this process visit here What Is Electroforming

Jewelry Care

Taking good care of your jewelry is very important. There are many ways to keep them in tip-top shape right at home. It is best practice to remove your jewelry when working with chemicals, cleaning products, salt water, or hot tubs. When storing, keep them in an anti-tarnish baggie is also best.

All chains, links, clasps, chain extenders are made of 14K gold fill, rose gold fill, or sterling silver depending on your metals selection. Only the charms or pendants have a copper core and made with my electroforming process.

If you choose a copper finish, know that it is expected that it will oxidize in time.

There are many ways to keep them in tip-top shape right at home.

Wearing your jewelry is the best way to keep them clean!

To know how to take care of your copper or plated jewerly, read that here.

Shipping + Returns

Our on-line store is open 24/7 and we ship Monday through Saturday, excluding some holidays.

These are custom orders and each one is made to order just for you. The estimated times below are NOT guaranteed.

* The estimated production time for a copper finish is approx. 4 weeks.

* Estimated prodcution time for Rose Gold, 14K Gold or Rhodium is approx. 8 weeks, less shipping time.

Click here to know more details about shipping and returns.

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