Custom Birthstone Designs

Custom Designs

There are many options with custom designs; either a ring or varying necklace forms. These are made just for you and can represent anything you like. These can represent your family, your kids, anniversaries, your pets, healing properties, celebrations, or maybe you just like the colors.♥ Every design is infused with pure intention.

To ensure a smooth process, please provide clear and detailed information during checkout for your custom order. Quick and responsive communication is key; please provide a contact method (Instagram, Facebook, or email) that you regularly check for design approval.

Once your order is confirmed and details are provided, I'll meticulously craft your piece. Expect photos or a video showcasing the arrangement of gemstones, carefully chosen and arranged by hand for a perfect fit.

  •  A LOT goes into this part of the design. For ring designs, I consider your ring size and how stones will complement it. Whether you prefer a statement piece or more delicate styling, let me know in the details before checkout. I offer examples on my Instagram to guide you ☺.

When you get these images from me, know this is just the arrangement and ring size for you. Meaning, this is simply the stones glued to your ring band in the place and positions shown. There is no metal work completed at this point and is one of the first steps in my process. You will need to use your imagination to picture that metal work around the stones, any little gaps filled in with clay, and your metal finish at the end.

  • After receiving these images, it's important to promptly review and request any desired changes. Your feedback allows for up to 2 revisions to meet your vision, so please ensure your most important details are provided during checkout.

I realize this can be tough for many people, and I try to post as many photos and videos on my social media pages to help you envision what your piece could look like. Seeing the various stone colors and shapes with the various metal finishes. Go to my Instagram page for inspiration and images/videos to help.

Upon your approval, the design process continues. If I don't receive alterations or responses after three attempts to contact you within 10 days, I'll proceed with the design based on my interpretation.

As the intricate electroforming process unfolds, updates might be limited. Rest assured, you'll receive a notification when your piece is ready to ship.

Feel free to reach out for updates or questions during the process. Please understand that this meticulous work takes time, and as a solo artisan, I strive to respond promptly. Trust that the final creation will be worth the wait!