How It Works

Custom Designs

There are many options with custom designs; either a ring or varying necklace forms. These are made just for you and can represent anything you like. These can represent your family, your kids, anniversaries, your pets, healing properties, celebrations, or maybe you just like the colors.♥ Pure intention goes into each design. 

Purchasing one of these designs is very detailed and I will ask that you provide the most clear and detailed information up front at checkout to speed up the process. I also ask that you are quick to respond to my messages, whether you ask for email or social media contact. Be sure to use an email that you check regularly to prevent delays.

  • Please provide a way to contact you for design approval (Instagram, Facebook, or email.)

Once your order is placed and all the details are provided, I will take said information and begin to design your piece. Once I have a design in place, I will send you photos, or a video, to show you the arrangement of the gemstones.

  •  A LOT goes into this part of the design. I take extra care and attention to each piece by hand selecting the proper stones to fit and look best together. When a ring is chosen, I also take into account your ring size with how large or small the stones are used. The smaller the ring size the smaller the stones will be, and the larger the ring size the larger the stones. If you are one that likes a statement ring (for example) and want to have the stones large and span out over your finger, just be sure to tell me so in the details before checking out. I have several examples of this on my Instagram account if you would like to see ☺.
When you get these images from me, know this is just the arrangement and ring size for you. Meaning, this is simply the stones glued to your ring band in the place and positions shown. There is no metal work completed at this point and is one of the first steps in my process. You will need to use your imagination to picture that metal work around the stones, any little gaps filled in with clay, and your metal finish at the end. I realize this can be tough for many people, and I try to post as many photos and videos on my social media pages to help you envision what your piece could look like. Seeing the various stone colors and shapes with the various metal finishes. Go to my Instagram page for inspiration and images/videos to help.

    You will look over the images sent and respond promptly with any requests for changes. That could be a stone you do not like. A position of another. Or all of it. You just let me know what and how you would like it changed. And I will re-design and send over new photos or videos. To keep all orders on a proper deadline, only a few revisions will be allowed so be sure to provide your most important details at checkout.

    After I get your approval will I move forward with the process. Once 3 attempts to contact you and 10 days have passed without response from you for alterations, I will continue on in the process and the design will be completed with my design. If you would like to know more about the process, go to my electroforming page. The next many steps you will likely not hear from me as I am continuously working with clay to fill in any gaps, sanding, painting, forming, polishing, and more. 

    You will get notification when it is ready to ship. 

    At any time during this process you may reach out to me for updates or questions. But please know that the electroforming process is extensive, detailed, and time consuming work and I am a one-woman show. I do my best to respond promptly as well and promise you will love it when it is completed!