Permanent Jewelry

Elegant + Effortless

Jewelry you LIVE in that we're NEVER taking off.

Permanent Jewelry

I am thrilled to announce our brand-new product line, Saldare Permanent Jewelry! It is custom fit, welded on, claspless jewelry.  Think of it like a jewelry tattoo or a Forever Bracelet. It is a permanent reminder of a special bond, a promise, a commitment, or a special celebration. You have just found the ultimate Friendship Bracelet. You’re welcome! 

This is jewelry you can live in and do not have to worry about taking it off. An accessory you can wear while you exercise, work, shower, care for your kids, cook, party, sleep…you get the point.  It is hypoallergenic and water resistant, so it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Choose from our curated selection of 14K gold fill or sterling silver chains that can be crafted into beautiful bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings. Join us for a welded jewelry experience by hosting a private party or booking an appointment at one of our many pop-up events!


     To know more information, our locations, and book a party or Pop-up visit Saldare Permanent Jewelry! ✦